Cancer Awareness Prevention Education

CAPE is proud to partner with CHAD to offer nutrition based education programming to the Charlestown community in effort to promote healthy, disease free living.

Through the Art of Healthy Eating, we offer a variety cooking classes that are tailored to the needs of our audience. Since 2013, our Art of Healthy Eating program has successfully introduced hundreds of children in the Boston area to the tasty and nutritional benefits of  “Eating a rainbow” of fruits and vegetables.”

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Whether we are working with a class of 5 year olds who have never tried beets, or a group of 15-year-olds who prefer to eat junk food and soda over fresh fruit and vegetables, we customize each class for maximum fun, learning, and healthy eating! Some of the proven benefits of our program include:

1. Community ‐ cooking and eating in a communal setting inspires trial and adoption of healthier foods.

2. Cooking as a life skill ‐ AHE classes can inspire/encourage your child’s interests in eating healthy and cooking and also teach them a powerful and valuable skill that will stick with them for life.

3. Eating for Health ‐ AHE encourages the preparation of healthy, nourishing meals that will help keep your child’s energy level up, mental state balanced and encourage an active mind hungry for learning.

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